Thursday, May 10, 2012

wedding drawings

I don't usually like drawing wedding related things for friends. (I still love my friends though)
1. It's hard to make the couple good looking, realistic, and not cheesy-looking.
2. They say anything is ok, but they don't mean that.
3. Hearts and cursivey fonts.
4. Everybody (bride, groom, moms, dads, friends etc) has an opinion.

Here's the evolution of a save the date:

1: Don't know what to draw. Just draw something.
2: No yellow. Yes for pink and green. Something related to Melbourne and Hong Kong.
3. Need an icon with some stuff around it.

4. Postcard becomes an e-invite. Need simple line drawings and 2 airplanes coming in from both sides.

5. Airplanes look like they are crashing into each other. Maybe a 2 seater.

6. Definitely need a heart. 
7. My friend says: Success!
I say: Never again!

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chinese new year giveaway!

Chinese New Year Giveaway !!!
Includes: 2 brooches, 1 ring, 1 card set, 4 postcards, 4 dessert cards, worth HK$200
How to enter:

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