Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Drawing stuff

Sometimes I think
Of how some colors and shapes
And lines put in specific places
Can come together and create
complicated things like feelings and faces
And it's kind of amazing

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Pursuit of excellence

My secondary school's motto was something along the lines of "pursuing excellence." (But disguised under the motto "daily giving service"). 

You were supposed to be super positive and motivated and all rounded, self disciplined etc.. And if you did community service you got points or something. At least some kind of credit.

I should unlearn that because in real life you don't get any credit for helping people. You probably just give up a lot of your time and that's it. But you make someone's life a bit better.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Yum cha

Every yum cha starts out ok. But eventually after the 1.5 hour mark it seems to stretch on forever... Until eternity and beyond... 

Avoiding the camera

We used to avoid getting in other people's photos by walking behind the photographer. 

But ever since people started taking selfies we avoid the camera by walking in front of the photographer. I still haven't gotten used to it yet.

Getting old

I know I'm getting older because I can get along so well with my aunts. They used to be my mom's sisters.... but now they joke with me and send me messages with emoticons. (a sign of friendship)


I used to wonder what was so special about eternal life.. And why God would need to promise it to us. Why not experience God in our lifetime and leave it at that? What is the point of something that happens when you're dead?

But then I went to a funeral this week. It wasn't even that close of a friend. But i saw the dead body lying in the coffin and thought, how comforting it must be for him to know that after his death he would still be spending time with God. 

Imagine how hopeless and desperate you would feel if you were going to be forever separated from everything including God....

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Chicken question

Chickens have legs
And chickens have feet
So chickens have toes
But those we don't eat

Chickens have wings
But hands they do not 
So where do all those fingers come from
Kids eat those a lot