Saturday, September 17, 2016

mid autumn festival

Mid Autumn festival is supposed to be about 嫦娥, 長生不老藥, secret notes in moon cakes, rabbits on the moon and some logger who keeps trying to cut down a tree on the moon... but I can't ever remember how the stories go and if all those stories are even related!? It's like those mish mash of greek legends that I can't ever get straight.

Anyways for some reason I really like mid autumn festival. You get to stay up late, stare in wonder at the sky, play with fire, hang lights up. Those are all things I like. I like xmas and xmas lights too - but xmas is more formal, and there's stress with the whole family and xmas presents and stuff. Xmas is red wine at the dinner table but mid autumn is beer and flip flops.

Yesterday I went to the rooftop with Daiyee and the moon was out to welcome us. It's a nice feeling being on the 20th floor, looking up at the sky and down at the tiny people on the streets. The kids next door played with their glow in the dark thingies, and we drank our cokes and beers. The dad came up and was playing pokemon go and the mom was hula hooping. We hung out for a while and it was nice.

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