Thursday, December 12, 2013

the glove maker and the hat maker

2014 Home sweet home calendar:

    Jill was a glove maker and she lived in a glove that was handed down to her from her great, great, great grandfather. One day, the biggest storm of the summer tore all five fingertips of her glove house! Water flooded in and everything was a mess!

    Just as she was wondering what to do, Jack from next door ran over. Jack was a hat maker who lived in a big, red top hat. He had a brilliant plan. He quickly snatched a few of his best waterproof hats, and placed them on top of the torn fingertips. The glove stopped leaking immediately - saving Jill and the old glove house! A dripping wet Jill swam out of the house to thank Jack, and they soon became the best of friends.

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