Friday, March 21, 2014

Short short story - rainbow in outer space

Mike the astronaut was lost. He had just floated out of the Milky Way ... where was he now?

Then he blinked three times quick. Was he seeing things?  He reached out to touch the thousands of millions of floating, translucent, kidney-shaped jellies that surrounded him. They were smooth and cool, and they slipped through his fingers.

He grabbed a pink one and popped it in his mouth - cotton candy! He swam through the rainbow jellies, and started tasting every one... Banana! Pineapple! Popcorn! Vanilla! Mint! Mango! Cinnamon! They were the best things ever! Lemon! Watermelon! Pizza? Chocolate! Cheesecake! They tasted so good he had to eat every single one. Cookie dough! Bubblegum! Blueberry! Lime! Strawberry! There was no stopping him now!

* * * * *

A year later, Mike had devoured the whole Jelly Bean Way. And to this day, there is no evidence that the Jelly Bean Way ever exisited.

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