Tuesday, March 25, 2014

short short story - rainbow soup

My grandma has been sick in bed for 3 months and 4 days. She’s so sick her face has turned gray. Gray and wrinkly like an elephant. The doctors say they don’t have a cure. I don’t know where those doctors went to school but I graduated with a B+ from kindergarten last year and I might have an idea.

I decided to make her rainbow soup. I spend one day coming up with the ingredients and another day collecting them:
a jar of butterflies,
a chameleon, live
four ladybugs,
four gentleman bugs,
a sprinkle of raindrops,
a handful of gumdrops,
a rainbow trout,
moonshine, sunshine,
and nursery rhymes,
a book of poetry and jokes,
faith, love and hope.

If this doesn’t cure her, I don’t know what will.
The next day, I give grandma the rainbow soup.
“What’s this?” she asks.
“It’s soup. I put everything nice in it. Everything that’s ever made me happy.”
“Okay.” Says grandma as she gulps it down. “Not bad.”
“Get well soon, grandma. I know you will.”
She closes her eyes and goes to sleep.

The next day, I run into grandma’s room to check on her.
My mom is already there. “WHAT DID YOU DO??!!” she screams.
I catch a glimpse of grandma’s face. It is is every color of the rainbow!
“Hi grandma! Don’t worry. I’ll cure you for sure... Tomorrow!”
I run out of the room before my mom kills me.

Maybe I’ll just make her peach soup tomorrow.

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