Friday, September 9, 2016

Namibia trip part 4

I never really realized how strange animals really are. 

A super skinny, long legged horse, with a long neck, floppy upper lip, swishy eyelashes and two baby stubs on its head? That's a giraffe! Also elephants' trunks are so flexible and quick...They can probably type, or knit, or do surgery with those trunks! And zebras' stripes just accentuate the two halves of their really round butts. They're like black and white watermelons.

Animals have a pretty harsh social structure too. The males have to leave their families and keep trying to dominate the other guys. If they are too laid back or just a normal non-aggressive dude, they never win the fights and have to hang out in the bachelor herd. (which they are not proud of)

The females don't have to fight, but they need to share one male with a whole lot of other females. And since everybody looks alike, you're probably just "one of those girls" for the rest of your life.

I guess it is hard enough looking for food and being hunted every day. Animals don't have time for politics, taxes, getting ahead in life, retirement, self actualization and stuff like that.

 tripod giraffe
The striped butt club

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