Thursday, September 8, 2016

Namibia trip part 3

Our guide (Shakapira is his name) told us the story of how he looked death in the eye. He and a bunch of french people found themselves face to face with a mother lion. They couldn't turn around, run or move for two hours, or else the lion would pounce and eat them up. To stay alive, the only thing they could do was to look into the eyes of the lion. For two hours. With a look of fake confidence.

After two hours, the lion finally gave up and left. The french people were so scared, they immediately bought plane tickets to leave Botswana.

How crazy was that! I have new respect for people who know so much about animals, nature, tracks, poop, plants. Most people I know, know stuff about politics, finance, iphones, gadgets, movies.

The other guide saw (by the flick of its mane) a zebra, 200 meters away, behind a bunch of trees, while driving a boat along a swampy river. Eagles eyes. I can hardly see the big white number of the bus coming straight at me 10 meters away. I am missing out on a lot of extra seeing that I could be doing...

Here's him and us standing in front of a termite mound.
Practice staring at a lion:

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